7 Jun 2015

Circle of Light

Form a circle of Light around you to shield your entire being against all unwanted energies. Be aware of this shining orb wherever you go and strengthen it with thoughts of love, peace and forgiveness in all situations. The intensity of this light depends upon the purity of your thoughts. You can make it blaze like the light of ten thousand suns or you can make it glimmer faintly like the glow of a candle-light. The power is in your hands to use it as you will. The more you work with positive energies, the stronger will be your shield of protection – like a blazing, solid wall of gold light that is impenetrable to any negative influences of the external world. So, clear away the gloom that is hovering around you, and replace the dark energies of your malignant thoughts and feelings with the vibrant energies of love and forgiveness.

 Practise awareness of your heart and mind – the centres of your thoughts and emotions – in your daily life. Most of the time you are bombarded by the sabotaging thoughts and wild emotions that engulf you into an impending gloom. It is thus imperative to purify your thoughts and intentions. Give up the need to be judgmental about everything and everyone. See only the bright side of every situation and the good points in all people. The purity and perfection of your being depends upon the purity of your perception in all optimism. Seek only that which is beautiful, bright and righteous. 

This is how you can spiritualise your life and bring about greater health and prosperity in your life. Your physical and spiritual health depends upon the quality of your perception towards life. When you choose to live in simplicity and sweet innocence filled with wonderment there is no struggle within; you are at peace, which allows you to move gracefully with the flow of Tide.
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