9 Feb 2015

Regain the Power of your God-self

Every person has the power of the Holy Spirit within him, but this has been suppressed as man turned to materialism and came under the spell of the dark forces which charmed him with lies and flatteries laced with evil intent to drive man away from the higher influences. They took away that power from him and filled his heart with fear and doubt, hatred and anger against all that is god-like. The lies that man is born a sinner and that he is not worthy of God’s Love, the lie that God is the cause of all his suffering, the lie that that he needs to depend on anger and revenge to deal with life’s situations. These are some of the lies that have distorted man’s perception and cut him off from his true self. He thus began to live as a hapless being totally dependent on the powers outside of himself for his daily dose of peace and happiness, and by which he was ever deluded leading him to utter hopelessness. He is confused and frustrated and renounces his potential to rising to Christhood through his doubts and suspicions about his God-self. All this lowered his vibrations, which attracted a whole lot of negative energies unto him that came in the form of difficulties, sickness, disease and death at all levels of his being. With that, sorrow and suffering became his way of life – his second nature.

Here then, is the meditation that can help you regain the power of your God-self.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Invoke your God Presence to protect you in the golden light of love and peace while you do this exercise. Visualise your I AM Presence about two feet above you. Visualise this Presence garbed in a dazzling robe of Light. Next, imagine a silver cord of Light coming from your heart chakra and passing through your crown chakra going upwards to connect with the Heart of your I AM Presence. This cord is linking your heart to heart with your I AM Presence. Feel the pure divine energies flowing down from your God-self through this pulsating cord and going into your heart chakra. Feel the warmth of Love in this area. Feel the connection. Remain still for a few moments as you feel this connection with your I Am Presence.

Then silently ask this Presence to help you reclaim your power and to replenish you with the energies of love and peace. Now see a burst of Light showering over you into millions of glittering sparks like an explosion of fire-crackers in the dark night sky. Visualise these sparks all around you; feel them piercing your four lower bodies. See all your doubts and inhibitions being consumed by the fire of your mighty Presence. Now imagine the golden liquid light flooding your body, mind and soul. Your entire being thrills as it pulsates with this divine light. The powerful energies of your I AM Presence is coming down to you in great torrents of Light. With this influx you can only feel love and peace. See yourself free from all wrong influences. You are now empowered to live as a free being of God independent of the outside forces while the energies of your god Presence merge with your energy. You are now no longer compelled to live in servitude to your old beliefs and superstitions for you have the power to live free in the love of God and to rise to great spiritual heights. You are in every sense of the word a true child of God. Be aware of this power throughout the day as you go about your work.  
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