31 Jan 2015

Meditation on Living with the Energy of Love

It is not easy to maintain your peace and calm when people and situations pose as a threat to your inner peace with hateful remarks and egoistic attitude. Many a gullible one falls prey to their lower emotions and succumb to anger, hatred and hurt as they internalise the negative energies directed at them. However, all this hurt and pain is unnecessary. If you learnt how to deal with the negative energies with peace and love there would be no cause for any anger and hurt. You do not need to step down your Light because of other people’s hate and spite. You can still live in peace and love oblivious to the negativity around you. Here is how to maintain it.

Find a quiet place to sit and meditate. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to still your mind. Now visualise a shaft of white light enter your crown chakra going down the spinal column and out the base chakra, going deep into the Earth where it is anchored firmly. You are now grounded.

Next, visualise a powerful beam of rose-pink light shooting out from the Heart of your Mighty I AM Presence, piercing your crown chakra and going straight into your heart chakra. Your heart chakra is set aglow with a pink hue as the Light continues to fill the heart with its glow. See your heart filling up with the rose-pink liquid light, and overflowing and spilling out until your entire being is suffused with the rose-pink glow from within and without. You are completely enveloped into this bright gold-pink light of Love. Feel the warmth and comfort of this Light as it whirls and swirls around you. You are feeling a great sense of serenity and love from this Light. Allow the Light to transmute all discordance within your being. Surrender your fears, hurt and pain. Let the Light bring peace within your heart.

Now visualise a solid wall of rose-pink Light all around you as a huge pillar of Light that extends out to about 9 feet in diameter. This mighty pillar of Light serves as a protective barrier to your four lower bodies against the onslaughts of the outside negative energies directed at you. No sooner do the negative energies directed at you near your force-field that they will be repelled by the Light and sent back to the owner with a greater impact after it is transmuted to Love itself. So while protecting you, it also helps bring solace to the perpetrators of the negative energies. The Light serves as a double-edged sword.

Remain neutral to the negativity around you. This way you can help reinforce your pillar of Light with the energies of peace and love, and you are assured of your safety always. Negative thoughts and feelings that emerge from within in reaction to the outside chaos will shatter this pillar of Light, and render you vulnerable to the offensive intrusions of the dark forces. By adopting a neutral approach to the things that go on around you, you are safeguarding your Light. Surrender yourself to the Light of unconditional love for the sake of continual peace within your heart.

Invest your heart and mind in the Light of purity and perfection. When overpowered with hurt and pain, call upon the Pillar of rose-pink Light to enfold you and consume all the restlessness in your heart. Command it to set you free from the compelling dark forces. Command it to restore love and peace within your being so that you are empowered to love and live in peace again. You have no need to fear anything or anyone once you have placed your confidence whole-heartedly into the rose-pink flame of Love. When you are done, you may gently open your eyes. Be aware of the pillar of rose-pink Light throughout the day.
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