4 Oct 2014

Meditation on Flying in the Light of Peace

This meditation if done daily can help maintain peace in your heart at all times, under all circumstances, and especially when under oppressive situation, this meditation will help ease your mind and keep you in sync with the higher energies, making life more tolerable than otherwise.
After having assumed your meditative posture and stilled your mind as shown in the earlier exercises, you will now envision yourself as being very light in weight. You are free from all worries and tensions. There is nothing to hold you back. Release all ties that  bind you to people and situations of denser energies. Let go of them all. Snap all cords one by one, and with each bond that you snap, you are feeling that much lighter and freer. Take your time to do this with much patience. Do not hurry it up. When all the ties are snapped you will find yourself very buoyant.
Imagine a vast green meadow; overhead the sky is clear and blue, while the rays of the sun of Peace are streaming upon you. Visualize yourself running free as a bird along the radiant green grass. All at once, while you are running you find yourself being lifted off the ground by a few inches; your feet are hardly touching the ground as you are running. You are gliding along the vast expanse in greater joy and delight. Now will yourself to rise higher. Look up at the blue sky and intend soaring up. Know that you are lighter than a small bird, and there is nothing holding you back from soaring high. With that you surge upwards and find yourself flying free. Keep moving upwards; do not be afraid to go way up high; do not fear of losing yourself and not finding your way back home. To return to your body you only have to think of being home and you will return in an instant. So let go of your worries and fly free. Breathe in deeply, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Keep moving higher. A great sense of peace envelops you and courses through your being in gentle waves. All niggling doubts and fears ebb away, leaving you completely free and peaceful as you bathe and bask in this divine Light. Glide and soar in the blue skies, savouring the peace and calm, far away from earthly world and all its madness.
Remain in the Light of peace for as long as you like, and then return to your body feeling very fresh and calm. This exercise will help bring about rejuvenation, and will restore your spiritual health while keeping your mind attuned to the Universal Mind. In the Light of Peace you can solve any problem in your life with greater efficacy. You will feel strong and empowered in life if you do this exercise daily.
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