4 Feb 2014

Meditation on Driving the Negative Energies Out of Your Energy-field

This exercise is useful when you have mixed and mingled around with a lot of people in parties, while travelling or in crowded public places. When you are surrounded with people your etheric body picks up energies from all kinds of people; these then remain attached to your energy-field and continue to influence you, thus affecting your thoughts and behaviour. Most of the time you are picking up lower energies that affect you adversely. The result is irritation and irrational behaviour, which is quite unlike you. The following exercise will help clear up your energy-field of all unwanted energies so that you are no longer submissive to its influence over you.

Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Relax. Count down from ten to zero while breathing slowly. Ten ... nine ... eight ... you are feeling very peaceful ... seven ... six ... five ... the peace within you is deepening ... four ... three ... you are very relaxed ...two ... one ... zero ... you are now deeply relaxed and at peace within.

Visualize an ovoid of white light around you. The light forms a protective shield around you against all negative energies ... you are safe and protected in this light.

Now invoke the violet transmuting flame unto you, and command it to drive away all unwanted energies and etheric pollution from your energy-field. 

See it spinning and whirling at a very high speed in through and around your four lower bodies, flinging away the gross, dense energies and etheric impurities, into the Universe where it is transformed to light itself.

Do this exercise daily for at least ten minutes. Simply sit and allow the violet flame to do its work. You will begin to feel lighter and happier at the end of the session. It would be ideal to do this exercise on a regular basis in order to enjoy continued spiritual health. In addition to this exercise, you can maintain an optimum level purity and peace by remaining centred in the light throughout the day. Build up your vibrations so that you are ever guarded against all energies that prevail around you.

Moreover, you can do this exercise impromptu before people who appear intimidating to you by way of thoughts, words and actions. Simply intend the violet light to whirl around you until you feel safe and secure; the light will consume the negativity and transmute it into love.

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