20 Sep 2013

Healing Your Heart

Your heart chakra is the seat of emotions. Often this chakra has been put through a lot of battering by emotions that are not of the Light. Negative emotions are constantly emitting poisons, which are collected in this chakra, and over a period of time these cause major problems at the physical level concerning your physical heart and the peripheral organs.

This exercise will help to clear the impurities from the chakra and set your heart free from hurt and pain.

Sit in a comfortable position with your spine erect.

Close your eyes, and get into a meditative state. Take a few deep breaths until your mind is still. Now visualize your heart chakra, which is located in the centre of your chest between your breasts, and see it burning with the violet flame of transformation and transmutation.

Imagine the violet flame consuming all the dark energies from your heart and transmuting them into golden light. Here, you will chant,

“My heart is a chakra of violet fire, 
My heart is the purity God desires.”

Continue chanting as you visualise your heart enveloped in the blazing violet fire; see it being cleansed and purified with the violet flame until it is completely clean and free of all impurities.

Now see this chakra spinning healthfully. The petals of this chakra are open like a full-blown flower. The heart is now able to receive and radiate the positive energy of love freely.

Next, imagine a golden stream of Light enter your heart chakra, and filling it up. From here, the light is circulated to the rest of the chakras. It is a constant flow from the Heart of God to your heart, and flowing to the rest of your chakras until your entire being is enfolded in the light.

Visualise yourself being filled with this golden energy. Your heart is glowing brilliantly like a sun in the centre of your being, even as your entire being is suffused in the light. Remain in this Light for as long as you wish. Then when you are ready to return, affirm, “I am filled with the golden Light now and forever. My heart chakra is filled with the Light of God now and forever. I am healed whole and complete. So be it.”

Then, open your eyes and be aware of the Light in your heart as you go about with your work.

Doing this exercise daily will help to keep your heart free from all the pollutants that weigh heavy upon your heart. When your heart is light you will naturally feel buoyant and happy. The light will stop any negative energy from invading your being. This means that the negative energies directed by people will no longer affect you. The Light will provide an invisible barrier around you, insulating you against all negative energies and entities, thus relieving you of much pain and anguish. Be conscious of your heart flame at all times. Moreover, radiate it out to people whom you come into contact with so that any untoward feeling that they may have towards you will be transmuted and neutralised to love and compassion. Maintain a positive attitude always under any given circumstances.

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