7 Sep 2013

Blessings for Mother Earth


Pray for the smooth ascension of Mother Earth and for all Her children. This is the Blessing that you will send forth to God. Praying for the well-being of the planet and all life thereon is the highest prayer that you can pray. Such unselfish prayers are empowering; they are power-packed so that they propel up speedily to the Universe, to be answered. Selfish prayers that revolve around materialism and personal favours are laden heavily with greed and lust; such prayers remain on the lower planes of the matter world, unheard and unfulfilled by the Universe.

Here is a small exercise, which you can do to help the planet and its people. Pray for the Light of Love to consume all evil from the planet. Visualise the Flame of unconditional Love pouring down from the Heart of God, and descending to cover the entire planet and all people thereon. Focus the Light especially on the situations of crime, corruptions and abuse of women and children which are taking place rampantly all over the world. Send forth strong thoughts of peace and love to the planet and mankind. Visualise the planet as a bright shining star; see the people all happy and radiant living in peace with one another - living for the well-being of their brethren in all compassion and benevolence.
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