26 Dec 2012

How to use the Universal Energy to heal minor ailments

Minor discomforts like aches and pains can be cured easily with this energy. In this exercise you will learn to harness the universal energy into your being and direct it to the affected area of your body. You can do this exercise sitting or lying down. You can do it while travelling or wherever you may be in order to relieve the pain.

Relax your mind. Gently shift your focus from the seat of pain to the Light around you. Imagine the Light as a warm blanket of radiance around you, comforting you with its soft, warm touch. Be focussed in the light. The colour of the Light is dazzling white.

Visualise the colour of the pain. You may see it as a dull red or some dark murky colour. Let the colour appear to you naturally, and then accept it. Now direct the rays of the white light on to this pain. See the dark colours of the pain now getting diluted gradually to soft pastel shades. Take your time to heal your pain; do not be in a hurry at this stage. Be aware of the pain and feel it ebbing away slowly. Watch how the colour changes its shades, and synchronise it with the intensity of the pain. As you see the colour fading into light shades, the force of the pain likewise weakens.

Continue sending the Light to the afflicted area until it has been completely absorbed by the Light and transmuted into Light itself. The pain has now completely disappeared, and you are feeling very well, indeed.

Now you can thank the Light. Then, as the white Light withdraws and returns to its Source, a powerful beam of golden Light shoots down and seals you completely in its glow. Affirm: I AM healed whole and complete. I AM sealed in the golden Light now and forever.

Aches and pains are the signs that the body uses to convey that there is not sufficient pranic energy or life-force circulating in that area. The Pranic energy is the driving force of our being; you cannot survive without this energy.

Therefore, for very minor ailments you can opt for spiritual healing instead of depending upon harsh medicines. It is good practice to heal with the Light or with colours. Colours which are soft and luminous are great to work with. They help restore balance and harmony in your being. The vibrations of pleasing colours are high and that is why when you work with colours you feel uplifted and good. You can also apply this theory to anything that you want restored to perfection. The technique is the same. Simply surround the object that you want protected against harmful energies with the soft colours. See the colours swirl and caress the object, suffusing it completely in its Light. This helps raise the vibrations of the object considerably, thus clearing it of any negative energy that may be surrounding it.

Colours have the healing and restoration properties. In cases of more acute health problems, where the intake of medical treatment is imperative, you can use the colour technique along with the prescribed medication. This helps speed up recovery, while drastically reducing the harsh side-effects of the medicines. Energise your medicines with colours and Light for speedy recovery and greater well-being.

Breathe away the pain Exercise

This exercise uses the technique of breath to reduce the discomfort from any part of your body.

Breathe in deeply and as you inhale, you are taking in the golden Light which fills your entire body. On exhaling, imagine you are releasing all pain and discomfort along with your breath. Imagine your pain as dark energy which is being emitted with every exhalation. With each exhalation your pain is lessening. Continue this breathing exercise, taking in golden Light with each inhalation, and exhaling the pain until the discomfort vanishes completely.

Now breathe in the colours of white and pink, which are the colours of Peace and Love, and affirm that you are replenished, rejuvenated and revitalised. Your entire endocrine system relaxes as the Light of Peace and Love fills your being.
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