27 Nov 2012

Universal Laws

How can you apply Universal Laws in your daily life? Life is indeed full of strife and stress but that does not mean that you should give in to these and begin to live in a depressed state of mind, discouraged and helpless by whatever that goes on in your life. It is for you to elevate from the darkened state of your mind and perceive life with a cheerful and positive disposition. When you live by the divine principles, you will automatically raise the leverage of your consciousness for a more enriching life.

Let us examine these Principles in brief.

1. – Do not judge. When you judge other people, you are setting yourself up to be judged as well.

2. – Watch your thoughts. Strive to keep your mind pure from all discordance. All thoughts of anger, fear, hatred and jealousy must be expelled from your mind. Your mind must be attuned always to the Universal Mind so that it is constantly drawing in the divine Light of the Almighty into your being.

3. – Live your life in moderation. Greed and lust for materialistic life-style and carnal desires, poses a major obstruction in your spiritual progress. When you build into your physical body solid particles of an impure kind, you attract to yourself the corresponding impure kind of the solid astral.  As you carry on the purification of the physical body by feeding it on clean food and drink, by excluding from your diet the polluting kinds of aliment - the blood of animals, alcohol and other things that are foul and degrading - you not only improve your physical vehicle of consciousness, but you also begin to purify the astral vehicle and take from the astral world more delicate and finer materials for its construction. The effect of this is not only important as regards the present earth-life, but it has a distinct bearing also on the next post-mortem state, on the stay in the astral world, and also on the kind of body you shall have in the next life upon earth.

4. – Let go of your attachments to materialism. All attachments lead to sorrow. Material things and possessions are not going to be with you forever. Practice detachment with all that you own; it makes parting from them easier and more peaceful. Do not confuse detachment with heartlessness. You can look after your things with love and caring, yet at the same time, you must be mentally prepared to let go of them in peace when the time comes to part. It means to live in the awareness that all that you love and cherish in the world is not eternal. Their loss should not create a void in your life. In other words, do not let the material things of the world possess you. You must live in the realization that you are Abundance. Your life does not depend on the things of the world for peace and happiness or for self-sufficiency. Peace is the natural state of a soul. You need to delve within and connect to your divine self in order to experience a state of bliss. 

5. – Let go of your past memories that are the cause of all internal restlessness, anger and fears. Release these into the transmuting Flame of Freedom and watch these poisons be transformed into the positive energy of love.

6. – Enjoy every moment of the NOW without worrying about the future. Your future is built upon the foundation of the present moment. Fill your NOW with sunshine and rainbows, of smiles and laughter, and your future will reflect the same.

7. – Be kind and pleasant to everyone you meet irrespective of who or what he may be. Treat all with respect. Be in oneness with all life.

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