18 Nov 2012

Meditation on how to prevent yourself getting caught in the pettiness of the world

This exercise is helpful when you find yourself caught up in the fray of petty issues with people of different wave-lengths. You could do this exercise anywhere under any situation.

1. Call upon your Higher Self to shield you in Its golden light. Imagine your Higher Self as a huge orb of golden light right above your head, at a distance of 12 inches.
2. Imagine the golden orb as a powerful magnet. Feel the pull from the top of your head.
3. Allow yourself to be pulled by your Higher Self.
4. You realize now that the golden orb is moving higher, and so are you.
5. Imagine yourself floating in the brilliant golden light while still attached to the orb. You can hardly feel the pull, yet you are attached strongly to it.
6. You are now way above in space, far from the noise and commotion of the matter world. The voices of people come to you as from a distance; nothing bothers you here. You can only feel peace and tranquility.
7. Remain here in the Light of peace and love until the clamour of the worldly issues has died down, and you think that it is now safe to return.

With this, you have saved yourself from needless agitation. Your peace is ensured, and you maintain your alignment with your Source.
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