27 Nov 2012

An Exercise to Cleanse and Strengthen Your Mind

Mind-power has been a topic of interest for a long time amidst the old and the young. It is often looked upon with an air of mysticism and curiosity. But there is no hidden magic behind it. The magic is in you. People in their desire to appropriate greater powers are ever chasing the things in the external world in the form of some lucky charms, amulets, touchstones, and all kinds of paraphernalia that is sold in the markets to lure the credulous for the sake of making a fast buck – and people fall for all the propaganda that goes on through the media. These things of matter have no energy of their own and are prone to destruction as is the nature of the things of physical matter. Moreover, if they are supposed to be genuine then again the energy is not of its own but that of a person who has energized these with his own energy. And when this energy wears away the object is rendered useless. Thus all external help is temporary, and serves as a focal point for faith in the Higher One.

To live with blind faith in the external world means that you are giving away your power to that which then begins to control you. This way you pose as a vulnerable hapless victim living at the mercy of circumstances. There is no greater power than the power of your mind. You must endeavour to train your mind in the right direction. Strengthen it by practising resistance against the temptations of the matter world, which are pulling you away from the Light. Cleanse your mind of all the disparaging thoughts that have etched firmly in your consciousness by willing your mind to think only the good and the positive thoughts, which are for your highest good and the highest good of others as well.   

Here is an exercise, which you can do to cleanse and strengthen your mind.

Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes gently and bring your attention on your third eye. Visualize a pinpoint light here. See in expand and intensify gradually until it has surrounded your entire form so that you see yourself encased in it.

Now feel this light – the warmth - its texture – Notice the colour of the light. Accept whatever colour comes to you. Inhale deeply this light, and feel it going into your lungs. Feel your body warming up pleasantly as it expands, spreads and penetrates into every cell and molecule of your body.

See the light bathing and cleansing your body from within and without. See all the dark energies in your being transmuting to light. See all your deep-seated emotions of fear and anger surface under the brilliancy of the light, and transforming into light itself. Visualize all physical, emotional and mental imperfections gaining perfection and becoming healthier.

Your body is completely enveloped in the swirling, dazzling light that is pulsating with life-giving energies. Remain in this state of luminosity for as long as you like. Then affirm: “I am filled with the Light of God now and forever. I am healed whole and complete. So be it.” Now slowly open your eyes and go about with your life in peace and quietude. Be aware of the Light throughout the day.

The above visualization incurs subtle changes in your being. Practising this daily will evidently bring about positive changes at all levels of your being. As you thus raise your vibrations, you will automatically pull away from things that have no meaning in your life. Your mind thus strengthened will no longer remain enslaved to the forces of materialism and carnal desires, but will be free to draw towards the Light – towards all that is conducive to promoting Light within and around you. With that, you will start to desire all that is beneficial for the spiritual development of your soul. With peace and love as your criteria in life, you will make choices that will always be for the highest good for yourself and for others. 
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