18 Oct 2012

Time - Man's Best Friend

Father Time

There is no greater friend than Time to settle all issues in your life so that you may live with peace. All wounds, physical and spiritual, are healed in time but only if you allow Time to work on you. You need to give Time a chance to restore things to perfection and peace. You cannot heal wounds if you keep picking at them; this means that all your emotional, mental and spiritual wounds can be healed only if you leave them alone. Those who keep clinging to them and keep reliving bad memories each day of their lives are ensuring that their wounds remain fresh so that they are ever hurting, never in peace. All etheric wounds can be healed in time. You have to befriend Time. Each time a bad memory comes up you must remind yourself that you have to let go and allow Time to work on it. All relationships that have gone sour are also healed with Time. You have to let go – remove yourself from the situation and people who resent you. Look upon all unfavourable memories from the perspective of an outsider, without internalising anything, and remind yourself that these can be healed in time as much the same way as all physical wounds heal. You know that a small scratch on your physical body is nothing to worry about; you may apply some ointment or undergo some minor treatment, and it is healed in a couple of days or so. Thus, no issue is made out of it. Similarly all emotional wounds are healed but only if you place your confidence in time to heal you. Worries and fears keep the wounds fresh and alive; you do not need these if you want peace and happiness. You need to surrender all your wounds and grievances to Time before you can start aspiring for deep inner peace. Until such time as you do, peace will remain elusive to you. Time is an antiseptic that acts as a soothing balm over the inflaming wounds of your heart and mind.

Bad memories are woven with threads of negative energies, and so when you attach yourself to these memories you are binding your consciousness, your world – your NOW, with the dark energies of the past, and this way you continue to maintain the flow of negative situations in your life. Your resistance to move on with Time stops you from enjoying the fresh opportunities that are ever chancing upon you. Drawing self-pity from past events is the ego’s way of expressing martyrdom, and thus it holds on to every traumatic experience with ardent passion; the past is the ego’s tomb where it abides with greater peace – peace that is mingled and warped with sadness and wretchedness; peace that does not reach the soul but is limited to the ego. The deep desolation does not allow the spirit to fly free but cripples it so that it is ever thrashing about for divine freedom. The wounds remain open and untreated, festering and even more painful than before. It is time now to surrender these to Father Time. Draw away your energy from the past, and allow Time to take care of it. It will take some time before the wounds dry up, heal and vanish without leaving behind any trace. All you need to do is to abandon your tomb, and step into the brilliant sunlight where once again you can fill your life with joys and laughter, which can be yours for keeps if you choose to live in sunshine despite all odds. 

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