22 Oct 2012

Meditation - Connect With Your Higher Self

The Higher Self is your divine counterpart, in all its purity and perfection, and has its place in the higher plane of consciousness while your lower self comes to Earth to take the lessons of life for its perfection and purification. During your life time on  Earth, you lose contact with your Higher Self as you get immersed in the affairs of the world; the matter world is all that matters to you once you get involved in it. Your Higher Self holds your Blueprint of your lifetime and knows what is best for you.

All the time, while you go blundering along in life, your Higher Self is watching over you with patience and compassion, ever willing to help you should you come at cross-roads in life. This divine Self is ever present to help and guide you but will not do the work for you. It will show you the way, but the ultimate decision lies exclusively in your hands because you are here to learn and evolve to perfection. You are here to make the right choices in life; it is only through mistakes that you can reach perfection. 

Moreover, your Higher Self or even God for that matter will not intervene in your life without your permission because it is against the Universal Law to infringe upon the right to free will that is bestowed upon man. Therefore, it is in order that you call out for help. God can do nothing but watch you struggle with infinite patience, love and compassion until you give Him the authority to step in and smooth things out for you in His own immaculate style. 

Let us now begin with our meditation :

Be seated comfortably, spine erect. You could sit with feet on the floor if you are sitting on a chair, or cross them if seated on a mat on the floor. Gently close your eyes. Maintain slow rhythmic breathing ... inhale, 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... hold 2... 3...4... exhale 2 ... 3... 4...hold 2... 3... 4... Continue breathing thus for a few moments until you find yourself growing very calm within. Your mind is restful, your breathing is now steady and quiet. Do not resist the peace that you feel within. Simply flow with it ... be with it. Remain in this quiet state for a while. Everything is so peaceful ... so still ... nothing exists in this moment ... only peace ... deep peace ...

Now shift the focus of your mind's eye very gently to six inches above the top of your head. You see a big, round orb of brilliant, golden light shining brightly over you. This is your Higher Self in dazzling robes of gold, blazing over your head. The Light is expanding as you gaze at it. It is growing bigger and bigger, gradually descending upon you, until you find yourself enveloped completely in its radiance. You are feeling comfortably warm and secure as if someone has thrown a soft blanket over you. You feel love and peace emitting from this Light. 

At this point you can strike up a conversation with your Higher Self; ask whatever problem you want solved. Be with your divine friendly Presence for a few minutes. As you link, listen to the gentle voice talking to you. Do not be too anxious to get answers and solutions. Allow the answers to flow through your mind. 

Having thus connected with your Higher Self you may remain seated in its glow for as long as you like before gently opening your eyes. Thank your Higher Self for this divine connection before coming to from your meditation.

You can do this meditation daily until you have built a strong rapport with your Higher Self. With that you will find yourself growing more intuitive and confident about dealing with life-situations. 

Please note that you may not get your answers immediately. Do not be too anxious for your answers. Keep your mind still. An over-active mind will block your ability to fine-tune to the higher energies. You could get your answer when you least expect it ... when you have forgotten about it. Your query could be answered through dreams or when your mind is switched off to a relaxed mode ...it could appear as an inspiration or might flash in your head as a sudden brain-wave. It could come in ways you can least imagine - but it will come. Worries interrupt clear transmission of energy, and thus you prevent the answers coming to you from on high. What's more, do not dismiss it as some nonsensical thought or as a figment of your imagination when it comes to you, or else your problem will remain unsolved. This is what happens with most people. They pray to God for help but are not ready to receive answers with an open mind. Remember, God does not think like you from a limited mindset. He knows what is best for you, and works from a panoramic view point. When you surrender your problems to Him it is in order to also trust Him implicitly to work things out for you. 

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